Which Water Flosser is Best For You?

All Waterpik® water flosser models deliver clinically proven benefits. But which model is best for you, and how do you choose between countertop models and cordless styles?

Choosing the best Waterpik® water flosser depends on your needs and priorities.

To help you decide, let’s take a closer look at 3 key features:

  1. Water pressure
  2. Reservoir capacity
  3. Size and portability

#1 Water Pressure

Water pressure settings let you control the force of the water spray produced by the water flosser. Our countertop models offer a much greater range of water pressure — from extra gentle to maximum cleaning.

Countertop vs. cordless Waterpik Water Flosser pressure

Pressure range comparison of countertop (10-100 PSI) vs. cordless (45-75 PSI) water flosser models

Experienced Waterpik® water flosser users tend to like the higher pressure settings. If you have sensitive areas, you may also prefer the lower pressure settings offered by a countertop model.

#2 Reservoir Capacity

Countertop water flossers hold more water than cordless models:

Countertop vs. cordless Waterpik Water Flosser reservoir capacity

Water reservoir capacity comparison of countertop vs. cordless models

Depending on the pressure setting in use, you can floss for 60–90 seconds with a countertop model, compared to 30–45 seconds for a cordless model.

This means that you may need to refill a cordless model in order to complete water flossing.

#3 Size and Portability

The trade offs of a lower pressure range and smaller reservoir of a cordless water flosser may be the right choice if size and portability are more important to you.

For example, a cordless water flosser is helpful for:

  • Bathrooms with a small countertop or limited storage space
  • Travel (especially AA-battery operated and global voltage cordless models)
  • Use in the shower (waterproof cordless models)
  • As an alternative to your countertop model when you are away from home

A countertop water flosser offers:

  • More flosser tips for easier use by multiple family members
  • Range of sizes, including the compact Aquarius® and Aquarius® Professional models (base: 4.7in W x 3.8in D)

Watch our Countertop vs. Cordless Water Flosser Video